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Nithya Aaradhana Deva Sabai

Navagraha Sri Kathirgaama Yogi Yogishwara Yoga Dhandayuthapaani Swami

Nithya Aaradhaa Deva Sabai

Collective prayer is at the heart of Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba's resolves. Navagraha Sri Kathirgaama Yogi Yogishwara Yoga Dhandayuthapaani Swami Temple is the manifestation of the divine energy from heartfelt and continuous collective prayer ('Nithya Aaradhana').

The Nithya Aaradhana Deva Sabai is a profound blessing, allowing you to engage in the daily Archana conducted with all 27 nakshatras, wherever you are in the world. 

You can also participate in an Abishekam on one special occasion each year. Each month, prasadam (sacred offering) from the auspicious prayers will be safely packaged and sent to you. 

For £1 a day, this is an immense opportunity for you and your family to participate and experience divinity. Your generous donation will greatly support the development of the Temple and its charitable activities.

Navagraha Preethi Pooja 

Monthly Navagraha Preethi Pooja

Exclusive Annual Event with Babaji

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About the Navagraha Preethi Pooja


Our beloved Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Babaji has taken a divine sankalpa to perform Nitya Navagraha Preethi Abishekam at Navagraha Sri Kathirgaama Yogi Yogishwara Yoga Dhandayuthapaani Swami Temple to appease the Nine planets in order to seek protection and grace for the benefit of all living beings in this planet. At least nine families of devotees are requested to participate in the seva daily.  The Prasadam from the Pooja will be delivered to you if you can’t visit the temple.


Performing pooja at his auspicious temple has many benefits, as Sri Babaji has consecrated the temple by invoking energy from all the nine planets and consecrating it in the sanctum sanctorum. Hence, the name is ’Navagraha Sri Kathirgaama Yogi Yogishwara Yoga Dhandayuthapaani Swami’. When you focus your energy and pray or perform special pooja at this temple, your wishes will be granted. The nine planets are directly responsible for the life on this planet.


Every sphere of development of human life is by the grace and energy of these nine planets. Be it for gaining wisdom, for health, to have a good family life, for progeny, for financial growth, for peace of mind or spiritual development. It is the blessings of these nine planets that are essential for one’s life.

Navagraha Preethi Pooja

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