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navagraha sri kathirgaama yogi yogishwara yoga dhandayuthapaani swami temple

The Sharavana Baba Community Centre promotes spiritual embodiment to humanity. The Community Centre unites people of different ethnicities, religions, cultures, and age groups to work collectively to contribute towards a more harmonious and joyful society. The Community Centre was established to relieve the stresses and predicaments that many people experience in their everyday lives. Offering a helping hand to individuals that find themselves in need of unconditional love and support is a cornerstone of the Community Centre.
Recognising the profound role that future generations play in building a brighter future, the Sharavana Baba Community Centre encourages them to take part in numerous charitable activities to alleviate suffering and isolation in our society. Spiritual discourse (Satsang) is delivered daily, guiding us to lead happier and more fruitful lives. 

It is well known that community gathering and constructive dialogue are crucial in overcoming the challenges that our society faces. 

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