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Petition summary & Background

  • The Sharavana Baba Multi-Faith Community Centre has been a place of comfort, peace, mental wellbeing (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic), happiness and hope for countless members of the community since 2018;

  • The Community Centre unites people of different ethnicities, religions, cultures and age groups to work collectively to contribute towards a more harmonious and joyful society;

  • Sadly, in February 2022, the majority of the temple structures were destroyed by a fire. There has been a momentous community effort, enthusiasm and energy to rebuild the Centre, and we humbly urge the local Council to support our endeavours to serve the community of Barnet by approving the aforementioned plans;

  • The goals of this Community Centre align with Barnet Council's priorities of being a safe, family friendly environment which promotes mental and physical health in a sustainable manner fit for future generations;

  • We are keen to have continued dialogue with local residents to allay any concerns and to help shape a Community Centre which can benefitted by the masses;

  • We strongly urge the Council to support the permanent rebuild of the Sharavana Baba Multi-Faith Community Centre to allow it to continue to create a stronger, more cohesive community which celebrates the unity in diversity.

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