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Gho Dhaanam

Kamadhenu or the Divine Cow is dedicated to provide health and prosperity to humanity. Babaji says that our scriptures portray the cow as a symbol of motherhood and the bull as a symbol of fatherhood. Together, they symbolise the parents of the human race.

Society, concludes Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba, must therefore invest in the maintenance of these two animals with loving care. Unfortunately, both are being slaughtered in large numbers today. 

These sinful acts are responsible for many of the troubles that afflict us today. To kill cows is equivalent to destroying human civilisation. People are unaware of the immense harm they are doing in the name of meeting the needs of development. 

They do not realise that only when cows and bulls are happy, content and secure in all aspects, can the rest of society be happy. This is not a pious thought but an incontrovertible fact and occupies the status of a law of nature. Destroying cows and bulls is tantamount to human society destroying the spirit of parenthood. 

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