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Bhavana Dhaanam

Babaji's vision is to provide free housing to widows and destitute persons who cannot afford a shelter. Plans are afoot to identify resources, including land, a team of professionals, volunteers and funds to commence the project. 


Few houses have already been distributed to the needy, and this activity is likely to grow in the future. Babaji envisages donating 10 houses every year to widows and destitute persons. This project will rehabilitate a lot of people, providing a hygienic and healthy environment, thereby reducing the burden on the society.


Babaji has envisaged a self-sustainable, low-cost township to provide shelter to hundreds of women. The township will have a common kitchen and dining area, with ample recreation and spiritual development programmes. They would also be provided with employment opportunities, giving them dignity and joy. They will be able to live a safe and secured life, in addition to living harmoniously and contributing to the development of a self-sustainable township.

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