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Arogya Seva

Babaji enunciates that a healthy mind and healthy body is the foundation of a healthy and harmonious society. This has inspired the 'Arogya Seva' project that renders healthcare through medical outreach programmes and donations to people in semi-urban and rural areas.

Every year, around 200 families benefit from medical welfare programmes, which are conducted around five times a year. A visit to a remote tribal area received an overwhelming response from the locals, where more than 10,000 people benefitted from the medical aid provided to them. 

Every year, similar camps are conducted in association with leading doctors and specialists, who volunteer to support these camps. Under the divine guidance of Babaji, various health camps are conducted in rural and semi-urban areas where quality healthcare is not available.

Doctors and medical professionals from different specialities provide their services and treat patients free of cost. Medicines and treatments are provided to the needy, along with education and awareness on nutrition, health and hygiene. Many tribal areas are covered under the programme to ensure effective medical care and adequate support. 

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