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Under the guidance and blessings of Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba, Annadhaanam is conducted every day at the ashram. Hundreds and thousands of devotees are fed with utmost respect and love. 

When we share our food with others, the taste of the food is also enhanced manifold. Sharing helps us to resonate and love each other, naturally. On every occasion, be it a festival or celebration and during Babaji's visit to ashrams (centres) or an event,  Annadhaanam is conducted generously.

Babaji's Annadhaanam programme reaches thousands of children in different schools and also the underprivileged in various localities. Babaji encourages devotees to conduct similar programmes in their respective locations to inspire people to participate in this activity of serving the needy. 

Every centre conducts Annadhaanam on a regular basis, to ensure that more and more people don't sleep hungry, thereby creating joy and harmony in the society. 


Babaji encourages the devotees to feed the hungry, wherever and whenever one gets an opportunity and to be grateful to the person who provides us with the opportunity to serve. 

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