Sarva Thevatha Preethi Homam

Homa Dhravya Samarpanam, Milk Abishekam, Pushpaanchali Seva

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Service Description

Om Sharavana Bhava THE SARVA DEVATHA PREETHI AAHUTHI (Offering oblations to the Fire God to appease All Gods) and UDDHISHTHA KARYA PHALA PRAPTHI (to obtain the boon/ wish which we are fervently praying for) is a sublimely structured offering which all of us can benefit greatly. By this, we can seek pardon and atonement for any actions we may have committed in the past which may have caused pain to any soul – knowingly or unknowingly. The Seven auspicious, sacred ingredients we have in the Offering plate have deep significance. By making this offering, we are appeasing and pleasing all those aspects which we need to Honour and offer respect. Below listed are the sacred ingredients and their significance: 1) Nine Grains Mixture – To appease the Nine Planets 2) Piece of Sugar – To appease all the 27 Star Constellations and mainly the star under which we were born 3) Betel leaf and betel nut – To appease the 12 signs of Zodiac and Jupiter in particular 4) Coconut – being a representative of Shiva, it is for the 5 Elements of Nature 5) Black sesame seeds – To appease our Ancestors 6) Ghee – To appease the lineage of Sages and Guru (Rishi, Guru Parampara) 7) Flower indicates our mind – Offered to appease All Gods who govern each and every village, town, city, country which we were and are now

Navagraha Sri Kathirgaama Yogi Yogishwara Yoga Dhandayuthapaani Swami Temple

Sharavana Baba Community Centre

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