Obeisance to all our ancestors, whose blessings are always with us. Obeisance to all our teachers (Gurus), who guided and shed light on the noble path for us. Obeisance to the Supreme, whose grace bestows success on us, at all events in life. Bowing at all their lotus feet… Welcome all on this auspicious VISHU morning.The Lord’s blessings are always with us; to overcome all the evils in life; to lead a life truly human; to merge in the Supreme (and to tread on that path). We should be always aware of this. The Lord who blessed us with this life knows our necessities. Then why are we worried about anything and everything. All we need to do is to have an open mind to observe the Lord’s divine play; to melt in divine love and pour out our hearts to Him; to mindfully serve His lotus feet. The divine light should illumine all our thoughts, our daily activities, our work ethics. Only then will Dharma, which is the foundation of existence and our society, prevail.The Lord is omniscient; the whole creation is His, He controls everything, thus surrender everything at His feet and lead a blissful life. The concept portrayed through the Vishukani is that: we arrange everything in front of the Lord; later we view all that is arranged, only after seeing Him; and then we receive the prasad (Vishukaineetam, Vishu delicacies, etc).May all beings in the world be blessed with illuminating experiences.

Welcome all to this auspicious day of Vishu.

Bhakthi Shakthi Mukthi
Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba

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